I am Elizabeth, a foodie, fashion, travel enthusiast and VSG post-op.
Board member and event manager at EmpowHerNY, and cooking and trying healthier versions on the side, 

This page was created because I want to start sharing my culinary findings & experiments, day-by-day discoveries and rediscoveries with you. The definition of a great day for me doesn’t always revolve around extravagant outings, crazy expensive dinners and partying until wee hours.

Those things still happen, but I also could be home enjoying my partner and my sweet cat Marble after a delicious homemade dinner, watching a movie and sipping wine.

Living in New York for 20 years, I still haven’t seen everything this melting pot city has to offer. There is always a corner, a store, a park, a community to be found and appreciated. I like to keep it real, show you other options, outside the mainframe.

Because when I travel I like to feel and do what the people do everyday, places that only locals know. I feel more connected like that.
I am from Rio de Janeiro, I had the fortune to live in other cities like Paris and London; traveled through Europe with my amazing sister. Met some incredible people that are my friends until this day, but above all I had the chance to learn from the experience.

I believe that we are all the same with different accents and zip codes, the best to way to know and respect each other is to be exposed to what is often seen like unusual to us and learn from it. I see myself as a citizen of the world.
I hope in my blog you can “travel” with me through my discoveries, recipes and tips; and please feel free to ask me anything.