My Peaceful Corner


My nightstand is one the favorites spaces in my home. 

I have things there that makes me happy, my cat Marble is represented, some crystals and shells from Greenport NY.


Also I have things for my "before going to sleep" ritual.

First I hydrate my body, then I read a  little and before going to sleep I take a good look in that beautiful wave to soothe my mind.

I absolutely love this photo from Jason  Fenmore @ohdagyo on Instagram. He takes amazing wave  & sunset pictures.

I added a "Gratitude Diary" where I write around five things I was grateful for that day. It reminds you how to appreciate the moments you were happy  for, either small or big.


Time for Yourself

The day has 24 hours.

We need to learn how to take some time for ourselves. 

To meditate.

To exercise.


To learn.

To help others


I always feel a sense of calm, accomplishment and pride after doing the tasks I set for myself, no matter how small and simple they are.