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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Want to start meditating, but find it difficult to take the first step?

Illustration by Peter de Sève via The New Yorker Magazine

There are several apps available such as Calm and Headspace to teach us how to start the practice of meditation. There are also a lot of YouTube channels where you discover guided meditations, or just with sounds of nature and calming music.

My first experience was with the Chopra Center 21 Day Challenge made by the famous alternative medicine guru and author Deepak Chopra and the wonderful Oprah. Each day has a theme related to the challenge that begins with Oprah discussing her experiences with the theme and then the actual meditation begins with Deepak guiding . The sessions last about 20 minutes on average. These challenges are free, if you miss a day, you can do it within 5 days before they delete it. It’s very good.

Now, I am alternating between an Ten Percent Happier app, this is free for essential workers for 6 months. I am learning to meditate without sound, just silence. I am loving it, because I am able to relax even with external noises and it even helps me to fall asleep!

There is also an app called Insight Timer which plays soothing music and daily affirmations. this application is also free. There are different types of meditations, in different languages ​​and you can choose the duration as well. So if you only have 10 minutes and want to meditate in Portuguese you simply select your desired language and find a meditation that fits your choice.

To control my breathing, using it as an instrument to deal with my stress, I have been doing exercises with the Max Strom app, which besides being an author, teacher, also a master in breathe work. His app is free to download, but you pay $ 9.00 to use the exercises.

For those who have never meditated, it is worth trying, use this time of this pandemic to take care of yourself, health above all, always.

For those who already meditate, NAMASTE.

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