Tea Time

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

My passion for teas started when I was a teenager, my grandpa used to called me English Lady, whenever I had for my hot Lipton tea with water crackers around 4:00 pm on a sunny warm afternoon in Rio de Janeiro.

My taste for teas expanded with my traveling exposure, along with five years working in a tearoom where I would experiment mixing herbal teas. Found out how wonderful High Tea is, with all the scones, jams and mini-sandwiches. New York haws several places offering it.

I am kind of obsessed with a brand that I stumbled upon T2 Tea, an Australian brand, has several stores in New York, they have a wonderful selection of teas mixtures and teaware. They are a bit more expensive, but super worthy if you can afford it.

I also like to buy teas from Trader Joe’s, which has a fewer selection with affordable prices.

Of course there are the brands that we can always find in a supermarket like Tetley, Celestial Seasonings, Twinings, Yorkshire,Yogi, Lipton, Bigelow and others offering a great selection as well. Lots of medicinal blends for stress, sleep and aches.

That's the great thing about teas, you can take for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Nothing like a warm cup of tea to make you feel cozy.

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